Emergency Plumbing & Heating Repair - Rochester, NY

Emergency Plumbing & Heating Repair - Rochester, NY

What a beautiful sight! We have a fully-stocked fleet of trucks ready for almost any plumbing or heating emergency.

Rochester, NY - What do you do when you have a huge plumbing or heating emergency? Should you panic and run from your house screaming? Should you wait to see if the problem goes away on it's own? Should you call "some guy" your friend used once? NO, don't do any of these things! If you are having a problem, you should call the professionals at D'Angelo's Plumbing & Heating. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Oh, and we DO NOT charge extra for emergency calls. We are an award-winning company with real professionals that are trained to handle virtually any plumbing or HVAC (that's fancy for heating & cooling) problem.

These pictures are a great example of our work. This particular customer had a pretty severe flooding problem in the basement. Both of the sump pumps in the home were unable to pump all the incoming water out effectively. There was almost 1 foot of standing water in some places. The water actually caused the furnace to fail.

In just a matter of a few hours, we were able to coordinate a plan to fix the sump lines and replace the furnace. The customer is now dry, warm and happy.

Thanks to the entire group of dedicated guys that made this happen so quickly and efficiently.

Josh Lavey - Emergency pump out of a flooded basement. He looks pretty stylish in those boots!

Jim Desalvo - Installing a new furnace on blocks above the water line.

New Amana 97% efficient gas furnace.

A new sump pump by Liberty Pumps will help prevent any more floods.

PVC sump pump discharge line to get the water away from the home.

All new PVC sump piping. ​

D'Angelo's had to replace the sump pump discharge line.