Oh No! Flooded Basement - Rochester, NY

Oh No! Flooded Basement - Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY - Last week one of our customers lost power during the major rainstorm. Without electricity the sump pump couldn't do its job. This caused a major plumbing problem. There was almost a foot of water throughout the basement. The customer made one simple phone call and D’Angelo’s Plumbing & Heating came to the rescue.

First, D’Angelo’s came over to pump the water out of the basement to prevent even more damage. We were able to get power from the neighbor’s generator and connect a temporary pump. Once the water was gone we were able to assess the extent of the damage. We discovered that the water heater was ruined and needed to be replaced. The customer also wanted to ensure this never happened again. We provided a really great solution! A water-powered backup sump pump made by liberty pumps.

We arrived the next day (the power was back on) to start the work. We removed and replaced the water heater with a new A.O. Smith 40 gallon gas tank. One of our expert heating technicians was also on site to check the furnace and air conditioning system. Thankfully that was not damaged and just needed a good cleaning.

We then installed theLiberty SJ10A emergency pump. These water-powered pumps are pretty neat. They are designed to automatically turn on when the water level rises too high. The new pump uses the home’s water pressure to operate. Its does not need electricity to work. This model even includes an alarm to notify homeowners when it is working. No more worries!

What will you do when the power goes out? What will you do when your basement floods? Why wait until something bad happens? Call us before disaster strikes. Day or night, we are here to help with any plumbing or heating emergency.