Downspout Drainage Repair - Webster, NY

Downspout Drainage Repair - Webster, NY

Webster, NY - Check this job out. This project was for professionals only. Our customer had a major problem with water in the basement. In fact, the problem was so bad that water destroyed the finished basement carpeting and some of the drywall. Our customer had requested that D'Angelo's diagnose and repair the problem. We sent our most experienced plumber, Terry Gartz. Terry was able to determine that the basement problem was caused by a plugged and broken downspout.

Terry was able to use his camera snake to verify that a downspout conductor had separated. This downspout was connected to the gutter system on the home. In a proper working drainage system, rainwater is channelled into the gutters and carried away via the drainage to a storm drain. Well, because of this break in the pipe, water was pooling next to the foundation. Over time this built-up water was making its way into the home.

There was added difficulty to this particular job because the drain was underneath our customer's patio on the back of the home. For most other companies, this may have been an insurmountable challenge, but not for D'Angelo's Plumbing. Our team arrived on time and ready to get to work.

First we had to use concrete saw to carefully and neatly cut out the patio that was in the affected area. Next we used a jack hammer to smash the concrete. Once the pipe was exposed we were able to remove it. We replaced it with PVC piping and bedded it in crushed stone to protect it. After the repair was made we flushed the lines to make sure everything was working well.

This is a job that we can be proud of. It was a pretty hard day, but Terry and the crew made it happen. Our customer is happy and her plumbing emergency is gone. Just another day's work for D'Angelo's Plumbing & Heating.