Emergency Sump Pump and Line Repair - Rochester, NY

Emergency Sump Pump and Line Repair - Rochester, NY

Today was interesting. The D'Angelo's team had to replace a sump pump and completely replace the storm drain line out to the road. This required 4 of our best guys, some shovels and a whole lot of hard work.

First our work started inside. We had to remove the old (broken) sump pump and discharge line. We used a new Liberty 257 Sump Pump and new PVC pipe. We use Liberty brand pumps because the are rock-solid, come with an amazing warranty and are made in the U.S.A. In fact, Liberty is based in Bergen, NY. This particular home has an old galvanized discharge line that had almost completely rusted away. With the snow finally melting, the ground water was rushing in to the customers home and could not be removed reliably. This would have caused a major catastrophic flood in the basement. Luckily, we caught it in time.

With the inside plumbing completed, we moved onto the outside portion. We hand dug (not fun) a 3 foot deep trench from the front of the home to the main storm drain near the road. The customer was understandably concerned about the mess and disruption in their yard. Well, we made sure that this wasn't an issue. After the new PVC pipe was laid and level we were able to back-fill and replace the grass. The repair is barely visible and should completely disappear in a few weeks.

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